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Matthews (or known as Tromus) is a character that appears in Tangled: The Series. He is the innkeeper of the seashell-shaped House of Yesterday's Tomorrow and another servant of Zhan Tiri.


Season Two

Season Three


  • He has a French accent.
  • He is the second follower of Zhan Tiri to appear, next to Sugarby the Eternal.
  • Originally, he was a pupil of Lord Demanitus, but double-crossed him to his archenemy Zhan Tiri.


  • "The mirror failed, the top failed. But I promise you, Master, I will keep the Sundrop in this house...forever."
  • "My master, Zhan Tiri, has need of this little Sundrop."
  • "The Sundrop is nearly in Zhan Tiri's grasp."
  • "You will not escape my control!!"
  • "This isn't over!!"
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