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Make Me Smile is the third animated short of Tangled: The Series. It was featured on the DVD release of Tangled: Before Ever After on April 11, 2017 before making it's television premiere on May 19, 2017.


Old Lady Crowley is the grumpiest person in Corona, but that doesn’t stop Rapunzel from trying to make her smile.



Rapunzel notices that Old Lady Crowley never smiles, and decides to brighten her day. She first tries presenting Crowley with some delicious treats, only for them to be rejected. She takes her to get a new hairstyle, but her frown remains the same. She tries to get her to laugh by having Pascal slipping on a banana peel, but she still does not smile.

Rapunzel tries everything from ventriloquism, music, juggling, to "ugly face" impressions, but still Crowley does not smile. Eventually, Rapunzel gives up. For eighteen years alone in the tower, Rapunzel and Pascal had always, up until now, found a way to a smile on each others faces. Hearing the fact that Rapunzel spent eighteen years alone in a tower with complete silence and no one to talk to, Crowley listens and asks her about it. At last Rapunzel sees a way to make her smile. The next day, Crowley finds in her room a pair of earmuffs and a blind with a painting of a beautiful landscape all made by Rapunzel. She shuts the blind and puts on the earmuffs. The sound of silence finally puts a smile on Crowley's face.


  • The way Pascal and Eugene trip on a banana peel foreshadows Plus Est Ean Vous when Eugene trips on a banana peel at the tomb.
  • When a Guard slips on the banana peel, that Pascal slipped on first, a Wilhelm Scream is Heard.