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Madame Canardist is Vigor's keeper and agent.


In Vigor the Visionary, she offers a reading from Vigor for Rapunzel and Eugene at a cost of five silver coins. After some lights flash in her cart, she gives them a paper saying "If you see someone fall, pick them up."

After that couple leaves - with Eugene feeling ripped-off - they hear the woman yell that Vigor has been taken. Eugene only agrees to look for him after he spots the comb he gave to Angry.

When Eugene and Rapunzel finally catch up with Angry and Red, Angry explains their own cheaper encounter with Madam Canardist. Their reading was about Angry's necklace and family. When the kids asked for more details, she says "No money, no monkey." So they swipe the simian to show them to Angry's family.

After a lightly quest using both fortunes, Madam Canardist charges five more coins.

Rapunzel ran into Madame Canardist again in Curses! when she found the telescope Rapunzel dropped. She pretended the telescope was hers and tried to make Rapunzel pay her to get it back. When Rapunzel refused Madame Canardist claimed that Vigor was angry and cast a "curse" on Rapunzel.


She is friendly and she acts like she really believes that Vigor is gifted. She is determined to squeeze money out of her targets and grows quite petty when she is unsuccessful. She cares little for the feelings of others and is focused solely on her own benefit. She is also very hypocritical, being deeply saddened when she is robbed or tricked and feeling no remorse for others whom she herself cons.


  • She continuously changes her prices.
  • She may be using silver coins to keep her booth running and for survival as well. She doesn't charge equally, she makes either Rapunzel or Eugene pay five silver coins but for Angry she charged only one silver coin.
  • Madame Canardist is most likely based on the Gypsy interpreter who was supposed to appear alongside Vigor in Tangled. Like Vigor, she, too, was deleted from the finished movie.
  • Madam Canardist never knew that Vigor held the spirit of his previous owner Lord Demanitus inside his body. Nor did she know that Vigor was over 1000 years old.