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Livin' The Dream is a song sung by Hook Hand in the Season 2 episode, The Brothers Hook.


I had a dream
My dream came you
Guess I got what I deserve
And so did you

I'm rich and famous and completely respected
And I'm livin' the dream
My digs are snazzy and my agent's connected
And I'm livin' the dream
I'm makin' millions playin' national tours
Decked in the latest from my head to my drawers
Guess you could say my life is better than yours
Brother, I'm livin' the dream

The ladies love me and the critics adore me
Yeah, I'm livin' the dream
I hit a pub, they roll the carpet out for me
'Cause I'm livin' the dream
My fans surround me wavin' autograph books
They ooh and ahh about my stylish good looks
While I endorse my line of signature hooks
Face it, I'm livin' the dream

Your dreams
Were lame, stupid, poor dreams
But, hey, we don't all get to be
A talent like me


This former low-life is enjoying the high life
And I'm livin' the dream
(Livin' the dream)
Too bad that your life ain't as awesome as my life
You know what I mean?
(He's livin' the dream)
Look what I got from simply payin' my dues
The fame, the fortune, the designer tattoos
I bet you'd love to spend one day in my... uh... shoe
Shame your career's out of steam
Me, though
I'm livin' the dream!