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Life After Happily Ever After is a song that Rapunzel, Eugene and King Frederic sing during the TV special, Tangled: Before Ever After.

A reprise version is sung in the series finale, Plus Est En Vous.

This is featured on the Tangled: The Series Season 1 Soundtrack.


Rapunzel: This is life after happily ever after
And it's all just as sweet as the stories say
I feel wild, free, as light as can be
And ready to explore
With nothing at all standing in my way
True, there are certain customs I have to follow
Several small obligations I can't avoid
A few rules, too--well, more than a few
Commitments by the score
Aside from all that, though, I'm overjoyed
And sure, there are corsets and buckles and bows
Plus all those names to recall
Still, I can hardly complain, I suppose
This is happily ever after, after all

King Frederic: And now that at last you are here in my arms
I won't permit you to fall
I must protect you from all the world's harms
We'll live happily ever after, after all

Eugene: Now that we're living splendidly
Our dreams fulfilled extendedly
Why leave things open-endedly
For Rapunzel and moi?
Tonight I'll hand this rose to her
Kneel down and then propose to her
And give this ring I chose to her
Life's gonna be like strawberry sherbert
Once she is Mrs. Eugene Fitzherbert
Okay, not great, but how about this:
Once she is Princess Eugene Fitzherbert

Both: This is life after happily ever after
And our story has finally reached its end
Eugene: Settling down here
Rapunzel: Year upon year
Eugene: Contented and secure
Rapunzel: With dozen of duties we'll have to tend
Both: And now that we've gotten the dream that we chose
Now that we're in for the haul
Now our adventures can come to a close
Living happily ever after, after all

Rapunzel: Now that I've gotten the dream that I choose
Why does my world feel so small?
If this is it
And it is, I suppose
Is this happily ever after, after all?


  • Rapunzel fighting Skull Ruffian from Tangled: Before Ever After, Rapunzel holding a box of kittens from Queen for a Day, a scene from Big Brothers of Corona when Kiera and Catalina are wearing their original outfits from the first two seasons alongside their original hairstyle, Eugene uses Rapunzel's frying pan to fight Bandana from Tangled: Before Ever After and a scene from Cassandra's Revenge and a scene from the end of Tangled when Rapunzel opens the door to see her parents is similar to the way Eugene and Rapunzel are on a balcony from Tangled is shown during the reprise. Also Stan is wearing Eugene's neckcloth that Eugene himself wore in Tangled: Before Ever After before giving it to Stan.
  • When Pascal touches Rapunzel's face while he, Queen Arianna and King Frederic are hugging Rapunzel is similar to the way Ruddiger touched Varian's face when the latter is arrested in Secret of the Sun Drop.
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