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In Like Flynn is the seventh episode of the first season of Tangled: The Series. It premiered on July 23, 2017.


In order to prank a rival monarch, King Frederic recruits Eugene to help pull off a scheme.


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  • The way Eugene and King Frederic wear disguises during the episode when they went to Equis to prank King Trevor is similar to the way Lance and Shelly wore a Team Magma disguise during the Pokémon: Advanced Battle episode Gaining Groudon. Plus, Lance wore a Team Rocket disguise during the Pokémon: Master Quest episode Talkin' Bout an Evolution.
  • This is the first appearance of King Trevor.
  • The way Cassandra says that she just got "Rapunzel'd" at the end of the episode is the same way Omi said "we have been "Jack'd" during the Xiaolin Showdown episode The Demon Seed.
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