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The Idol of Vershaftsbezeigungengien is a magical totem that grants false visions of happiness to whomever holds it. The Idol first appeared in the Season 2 episode "Happiness Is...."


The idol was created many years ago by a mystical Lorb warlock named Horb. It was his dream to eliminate sadness and the idol was the fruit of that quest. Though his intentions were noble, Horb never considered that sadness is a much-needed emotion. As a result, the idol's magic backfired and corrupted the minds of everyone he cared about. His only hope was to perform a cleansing ritual atop the temple of Torb. Before he could complete the ritual, the idol was lost during the chaos and remained hidden in the jungle for many years.

Role in the series

While traversing the jungle, Rapunzel recovers the worn idol and falls under its magic. Because she was feeling homesick at the time, the idol allowed her to see her family and friends from Corona. After she shows the idol's magic to her friends on the island, Rapunzel becomes greedy over it to the point of not sharing it with her friends. The Lorbs try to help Rapunzel break free from the idol, but they too fall under the control of its magic, resulting in a riot that has everyone fighting each other. Rapunzel, who was snapped back to her senses with Pascal's help, retrieves the idol and attempts to destroy it at the top of the temple of Torb. However, hallucinations of her parents and friends urged her not to destroy the idol, but with help from Eugene and Cassandra, Rapunzel is able to destroy the idol, freeing everyone from its power for good.

The idol shows different things to each character, as follows:

Rapunzel- her mother, father and friends back in Corona

Eugene- a royal yacht with a sculpture of him on the bow

Cassandra- her father, sword fighting with her

Maximus- a bunch of thieves that he can lock up

Lance- delicious juice

Hookfoot- his mermaid love interest, Seraphina


  • "Vershaftsbezeigungengien", like all the words in the Lorb language, sounds as if it were a German, Dutch, or Yiddish word, but doesn't actually mean anything in any of  those languages, though it has parts that resemble German words such as verschaffen ("to provide, to supply") and Bezeugungen ("testimonies, attestations").
  • Although unintentional, the Idol's corruption of whoever holds it and the holder/holders becoming obsessed with it is similar to that of the One Ring from The Lord of The Rings.