Hector is a supporting character and minor antagonist in Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure, who first appears in "Rapunzel and the Great Tree." He is a villainous warrior and the most dangerous and sadistic member of the Brotherhood, sworn to keep all away from the Dark Kingdom.

Many months later, he suddenly falls under the dark power of the Mind-Trap Stone that Cassandra had used to fully brainwash him and his two former associates into loyally serving her; the earthly embodiment of the Moonstone.


He is mounted on a rhinoceros and is accompanied by a pair of binturongs.

Season Two

Season Three


According to Adira, he is the most dangerous and sadistic of all of the Brotherhood.


  • He is a member of an order of warriors called "the Brotherhood" with a lifelong mission to keep any from coveting the all-powerful Moonstone Opal's great powers.
  • For some reason, he did not appear in the Season 2 finale except in a flashback as a silhouetted cameo riding his rhino next to Adira and Quirin, on their horses, as they were ordered to leave and do whatever it took to keep the destructive and deathly powers of the Moonstone strictly secret from the rest of the world.
  • In calling Hector "sadistic," Adira is probably using the term in the slightly incorrect sense of "cruel" or "savage," rather than its technical psychological sense.


Twenty-Five Years Ago

  • "Enough! The Sundrop is a myth, Sister!"
  • "Go, chase empty legends like a fool. But just know: If you come back, you ain't my fellow brethren. You're a traitor! Sun Drop or not, I'll end you."

Season Two

  • "None shall enter the Dark Kingdom!"
  • "You can't protect them, Adira!"
  • "Looks like our job is not yet done."
  • "You couldn't take a hint. Now I gotta finish—"
  • "And just so we won't be interrupted."
  • "It's sad to see the once mighty Adira waste her life on a fool's dream!"
  • "The Moonstone has the power to destroy the world! Keeping its existence secret was the King's wish and to do anything otherwise is treason!"
  • "That'll never happen!"
  • "I'm sorry it came to this, Sister."
  • "And now — for the so-called Sun Drop."
  • "Brave child. Stupid, but brave."
  • "So tell me, Lady-in-Waiting? What are you waiting for?"
  • "The heart of Zhan Tiri's Tree. Forgive me for unleashing the evil that lies within."
  • "All who enter the Great Tree shall be destroyed!"
  • "Listen! Your friend is right! Adira's lying to you! She may have you think she's helping you to find your destiny! But if you go to the Dark Kingdom, you're doomed!"
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