Gregorio is a brown-furred gopher that represents a half millennium of goodwill within the Kingdom of Corona.

Role in the Series

In Rapunzel's Enemy, he is the gopher used in the Goodwill Gopher Grab, and because Eugene Fitzherbert feeds him Dim-Berries instead of Bim-Berries which he needs so that he won't be lethargic, he becomes hyperactive and starts running outside of the boundaries.

He made a cameo appearance sleeping on Monty in Secret of the Sun Drop.

In Once a Handmaiden..., Gregorio makes a reappearance but is unable to participate in the Gopher Grab. Which causes Rapunzel, Eugene, and Faith/Cassandra to search for a replacement.

Gregorio on Dim-Berries

Gregorio after eating Dim-Berries

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