Gothel's tower

Gothel's tower is an isolated structure that served as both Rapunzel's home and prison for eighteen years.

Gothel's tower is a tall structure located in a valley isolated from the kingdom of Corona. Due to the tower's remote location and height, Mother Gothel confined Rapunzel within its walls so that she could alone could access the child's healing abilities.

History Edit

After kidnapping Rapunzel, Mother Gothel hid her within the tower and raised the child as her own. Having lost the healing of the magic flower once, Gothel was determined to maintain control over Rapunzel. Though many searched for the lost princess, the tower's remote location ensured that she was kept hidden. But despite its isolated surroundings, the tower provided a vantage point from which Rapunzel was able to view the lanterns released by the inhabitants of Corona, a sight that fascinated her.

In the eighteen years that followed, the tower's interior underwent major changes at the hands of Rapunzel, who possessed a significant degree of artistic talent and painted the walls with depictions of the floating lights.