General Champanier was the leader of Saporia at the time of King Herz Der Sonne of Corona.


General Champanier lived centuries before the events of the main series. She was the leader of the Kingdom of Saporia and fought a years-long war with Corona. After the war, the kingdoms united and Corona absorbed Saporia. Some, however felt betrayed by their leader's actions to unite with Corona and formed the Separatists of Saporia, vowing to take revenge on Corona.


During the war with Corona, Champanier led a massive assault on Corona's castle and invaded with her army of knights. There she fought with Herz Der Sonne for hours. Evenly matched, they could not defeat one another in battle. The fight finally ended when General Champanier looked at the final sections of the journal of Herz Der Sonne, in which Der Sonne confesses his love for her. She then confesses she feels the same way and they end the war with their marriage. Corona unites with Saporia.

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