"Flynnpostor" is the seventeenth episode in the third season of Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure and the fifty-eighth overall. It first aired on February 16, 2020 to 0.40 million viewers.[1]


Eugene must track down and confront a thief who has stolen his former identity, Flynn Rider.[2]


After a nightmare of confronting Cassandra, the Captain of the Guards realizes that he cannot face off against his daughter. So with a heavy heart, decides to retire from his position as Captain of the Guards and makes Eugene his successor. He has seen how much Eugene has changed over the years and sees him as the perfect man for the job and so does everyone else. All except Eugene, who does not seem sure about accepting the position and needs time to think about it. However, his time to think it over is interrupted when a thief who has taken his former identity, Flynn Rider, has stolen Rapunzel's tiara. Unable to think of anything else and feeling insanely upset and jealous, Eugene sets out with Rapunzel, Pascal and Maximus to find the new Flynn Rider and confront him while appointing Lance as temporary Captain until he returns.

In no time, Eugene and the others find the imposter and quickly capture him, but unknown to them, they are secretly being followed by a mysterious figure who turns out to be the Baron. Turns out he has been through rough times since their last encounter. He has lost everything in his life and now sets out to seek revenge against Eugene, blaming him for his misfortune, but he kidnaps the impostor instead. Pretty soon, Eugene finds himself captured by the Baron as well. When it looks like he and the fake Flynn are going to die, Flynn apologies and admits he was inspired by Eugene's former life and reputation. He wanted that for himself, believing his life as Brock Thunderstrike meant nothing. Brock manages to escape thanks to Eugene, but leaves Eugene until Pascal comes and saves him from drowning. However, Brock returns and saves Eugene from the Baron after a change of heart. Afterwards, Eugene makes his peace with Brock, has the Baron thrown in jail and decides to accept the honor of being Corona's next Captain of the Guard.






Objects of Immense Power


(In a nightmare)

  • Cassandra: "It doesn't matter how many of you there are. All of you will fall!!"
  • Captain of the Guards: "Cassandra. stand down!!"
  • Cassandra: "You're the one who should stand down, Father!!"
  • Captain of the Royal Guards: "I don't want to fight you!"
  • Cassandra: "No, my power!! I don't need my powers to defeat you!!"


  • The title is a play on "imposter" and what Rapunzel calls Brock Thunderstrike, due to him tarnishing her boyfriend's former reputation as a thief.
  • It was revealed why Eugene's "wanted" posters always got his nose wrong. The person who created the posters had damaged glasses.
  • The way Rapunzel, Pascal and Maximus are annoyed of Eugene talking to the impostor in this episode is similar to the way Kiera is bored for missing the fight of Rapunzel versus Cassandra is similar to the Varian and Eugene are bored of waiting outside on the precipice in "Cassandra's Revenge".
  • The way The Baron is the third person to fight Rapunzel alone in this episode is similar to the way Cassandra fought Rapunzel alone in Cassandra's Revenge and it is also similar to the way Rapunzel fought Varian in Secret of the Sun Drop.
  • A wanted poster of Dwayne and Axel from "Max's Enemy" is shown in this episode.
  • The Baron is seen again. He was last seen in his debut in the Season Two premiere.
  • This is the second appearance of the Flynnoelum after it debuted in "What the Hair?!"
  • Rapunzel commented "Talk about your fixer upper" which is what Timon said once he saw a barren in the Pride Lands in The Lion King
  • This is the third episode that Varian has built an invention. The first two episodes that Varian's inventions were shown in What the Hair and Great Expotations.
  • The way Rapunzel gasps when she sees The Baron this episode after he tied Eugene and Brock to a pole is similar to the way Rapunzel gasped when she saw Varian at the castle in Rapunzel's Return and it is also similar to the way Rapunzel gasped when she saw her mom has a chain and it is also similar to the way Rapunzel gasped when she saw Varian inside his house in Secret of the Sun Drop.
  • It's revealed Eugene's attempted theft of the crown was so he could give it to the Baron.
  • Rapunzel finally realized Eugene's intention of bringing her to the Snuggly Duckling when they first met.
  • The Baron mentioned Eugene and Stalyan's past relationship.
  • This episode marks the third time Rapunzel's tiara has been stolen.
  • The way Catalina and Brock sit criss cross in this episode is similar to the way Varian sat criss cross when he and Eugene are bored and when Cassandra reeled the cage back inside the stronghold also Rapunzel and Eugene sat criss cross on the bed at the near of the end of Cassandra's Revenge.
  • There are several references to the movie, Tangled.
  • The way the Baron tied Eugene and the fake Flynn Rider to a pole in this episode is similar to the way Cassandra tied Varian to a black rock in Cassandra's Revenge.
  • The way Varian facepalmed in this episode when his Rooster invention is replaced with the one that is already is a rooster by Lance is similar to the way Cassandra facepalmed in A Tale of Two Sisters is similar to the way Pascal facepalmed in Race to the Spire when he is annoyed at the Snuggly Duckling after Eugene says never mind and it is also similar to the way Kiera facepalmed when she is annoyed with Lance when he says here he is and see, I led us right to him after Varian falls into Lance's arms in Cassandra's Revenge and it is also similar to the way Eugene facepalmed when he is annoyed with Varian in What the Hair?!
  • The way The Baron abducts Brock Thunderstike in this episode is similar to the way Cassandra abducted Varian in Cassandra's Revenge is similar to the way The Stabbington Brothers abducted King Edmund in Return of the King is similar to the way Mothel Gothel abducted Rapunzel during the flashback of Rapunzel's Return is similar to the way The Baron's men abducted Eugene, Lance and Shorty in Beyond the Corona Walls and is similar to the way Varian abducted Queen Arianna in Secret of the Sun Drop and it is also similar to the way The Stabbington Brothers abducted Eugene and Cassandra in Cassandra v. Eugene.
  • The way Varian is warning Lance, Kiera and Catalina about touching the invention in this episode is similar to the way Quirin warned Varian about tampering with the black rocks and it is also similar to the way Varian warned Master Dr. St. Croix about tampering the invention in Great Expotations
  • The way Varian is frustrated with Lance for messing with the Rooster invention in this episode is similar the way Kiera, Catalina and Maximus are frustrated with Lance in Cassandra's Revenge when Kiera and Catalina wanted to see the fight of Rapunzel against Cassandra but Maximus wanted to go the same direction that Rapunzel, Eugene and Pascal took.
  • Eugene recalled how he had previously stolen Rapunzel's tiara when the crime is re-enacted.
  • When Eugene and Maximus are pursuing "Flynn Rider" it is exactly the same as the chase scene between the Captain, Maximus and Eugene in the original movie.
  • The way the Captain of the Guard has a nightmare about Cassandra is similar to the way Varian has a nightmare in Be Very Afraid when he sees his dad going to be encased inside the amber again and also Varian has a nightmare in Cassandra's Revenge when he sees the Enchanted Girl and it is also similar to way Kiera has a nightmare in Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf? when she sees Rapunzel, Eugene, Lance and Catalina turned into wolves and it is also similar to the way Rapunzel has a nightmare about Varian telling Rapunzel to stop running and face your destiny or all you hold in your heart will be in grave danger in The Quest for Varian but one part of Rapunzel's nightmare from The Quest for Varian is shown in Secret of the Sun Drop as a flashback.
  • Pascal awakens "Flynn Rider" the same way he did in the movie by licking his ear.
  • From this episode onward, Eugene begins wearing a royal guard uniform, replacing it as his main outfit for the rest of the series.
  • The way Pascal puts his tongue on Flynn Rider's ear in this episode is similar to the way Pascal puts his tongue on Varian's ear in Rapunzel's Return's is similar to the way Pascal puts his tongue on Stalyan's nose in Beyond the Corona Walls.
  • This is the second time Varian's hair is a mess. The first time Varian's hair is a mess was Cassandra's Revenge.


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