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Feldspar is the town cobbler in Tangled: Before Ever After and one of its many supporting characters.


Feldspar occasionally appeared as a minor supporting role in the series. He also appeared in the animated short, "Hare Peace," where he asked Rapunzel to watch over his "precious". Rapunzel misunderstood "precious" as a bunny in a flower bed when Feldspar was referring to a head of cabbage.

In "Fitzherbert P.I.," Feldspar hired Eugene for a job as a cobbler but quickly fired him after remembering that he stole a pair of boots from him once.

Feldspar played a much larger role in "Painter's Block," where he became the first victim of an evil spirit calling herself "Mrs. Sugarby." He, followed by Lance Strongbow, Ulf, Freidborg, and Rapunzel, was hypnotized to free her master, Zhan Tiri. His disappearance attracted the attention of the Captain, who assigned Cassandra to investigate.

Season Three

After the Princess' return to their island kingdom, after six months and a year of absence, he helps her and her loyal companions take back Corona from the rogue Saporians. A few days after order and harmony were restored, he ended up becoming Princess Rapunzel's racing partner in getting the late King Herz Der Soone's lost and dangerously powerful treasure first.


Season 1

Season 3


  • Zachary Levi, the actor who voices Eugene Fitzherbert also voices Feldspar.
  • His full name, Feldspar Willipeg, was mentioned by the Captain of the Guards in "Painter's Block".
  • Feldspar's distinct voice and characteristics were inspired by vaudevillian actor and comedian Ed Wynn.
  • "Feldspar" is a common type of mineral found in many kinds of rocks.

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