Everything I Ever Thought I Knew is a song in the season two finale of Tangled: The Series, "Destinies Collide".


I thought I was an outcast
I thought I stood alone
A rogue, a thief, a joker
No place to call my own

I thought no one could love me
And how could I have known
I was wrong
Oh so wrong

And then I thought I found it
A dream that I could share
I thought I was so lucky
It almost wasn't fair

I thought I knew my purpose
I thought that I knew where
I belong
But I was wrong

Everything I ever thought I knew
Where I've been, where I'm going
Everything I counted on turned out to be untrue
Could've guessed
Should've known
Now I do

Everything I'd yearned for,
Everything I planned
All my sweetest memories
Were castles made of sand
Now that it's all crumbling
Help me understand
If none of it was really me
Then who am I supposed to be?

And everything I ever thought I knew
Every hope, every feeling
Love and trust and happiness
They've done, they've gone, they're through
And what's left
Me alone
Once again
Should've known
Now I do

I guess my life meant nothing
I guess it was a sham
I guess I'm someone else now
I wonder who I am


  • This is Eugene's very first solo in the show.
  • The way Eugene sees his reflection via the Black Rocks in this episode is similar to the way he saw his reflection via the Black Rocks in Secret of the Sun Drop.
  • Eugene remembers those he have loved and relied upon over the years.
    • Clips from the TV movie Tangled: Before Ever After and the clips from the episodes Fitzherbert P.I., Challenge of the Brave, In Like Flynn, The Return of Strongbow, Great Expotations, One Angry Princess, Pascal's Story, Big Brothers of Corona, Queen for a Day, Painter's Block, The Quest For Varian, Beyond the Corona Walls, Freebird, Vigor the Visionary and You're Kidding Me! are shown. Clips from the songs Life After Happily Ever After and Next Stop, Anywhere are also shown.
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