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Dwayne is a very minor antagonist in Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure. He is one of the most wanted thieves in Corona and Lady Caine's former minion.


In "Fitzherbert P.I.," Eugene Fitzherbert catches Dwayne as he attempts to escape with a bag of money on a ferry.

In "Max's Enemy," he was thrown off of the carriage being pulled by Axel to slow down Maximus and Rapunzel. He successfully pulled Rapunzel off of Maximus, though merely by accident, but could not stop Maximus from catching up to Axel and making him fall into the ditch.

In "Day of the Animals," Dwayne makes off with what he supposes is a precious ornament, a pendant, but it turns out to be cursed. As a result of Hamuel, Maximus, Pascal, and Ruddiger's combined efforts, the pendant is retrieved from Dwayne and he himself is left trapped in the nest of a huge vulture.


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