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Dale is an art thief who had his eyes on the one-of-kind painting of Robin XI in the episode "Fitzherbert P.I." Initially, he finds success in his goal to steal the painting, but Eugene eventually catches on and subdues him right before he can escape on the last ferry out of Corona.


Physical Appearance

The Giovanni wears a grayish-teal doublet with a darker jerkin and a black belt. He has brown pants with black shoes. He also has a fashionable rebato and cuffs, probably in lace or linen.


In "Fitzherbert P.I.," the fake The Giovanni poses as the real The Giovanni in an attempt to steal the priceless Robin XI painting-the only one of its kind. He poses as a famous artist so that he can be close enough to steal the painting without anyone knowing. As part of his cover, he paints the royal portrait for Rapunzel (though his actual painting is an absurdly childish daub). Eugene eventually realizes he is an impostor and catches him before he can escape with the real painting of Robin XI.

In "Max and Eugene in Peril on the High Seas," Dale is on a prison barge along with most of the show's other villains.


  • He is referred to in the episode credits as "The Fake The Giovanni," as distinguished from the artist whose place he takes, who is referred to as "The Real The Giovanni."
  • Though the real The Giovanni is stated to be an Italian artist, the character design used for Dale's masquerade as him  rather resembles the Spanish Baroque painter Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez. This may provide an early hint that the fake The Giovanni is not the Italian artist he claims to be.
    • On the other hand, he also somewhat resembles his voice actor, Artt Butler.
  • Amusingly, the voice actor for the real The Giovanni, Fabio Tassone, is half-Italian (and is fluent in that language and in English, French, and Spanish as well), but Dale's voice actor, Artt Butler, is half-Japanese and half-Mexican in descent and does not himself speak Italian as a native. This may also be a clue that the fake The Giovanni is not a real Italian.
  • At one point Stan, stumbling over his assumed name, calls him either by the English name "Johnny" (or "Jonny") or the identical-sounding Italian name "Gianni," which is another form of "Giovanni."