"Crossing the Line" is sung in "Rapunzel's Return "  after Cassandra reveals she is the biological daughter of Mother Gothel.


Rapunzel: This has to stop now

Whatever it is that you're going through

We'll face it together, me and you

Just like we've always done

Cassandra: No! This has to stop now

This thing where you think that you've been my friend

And don't even hear how you condescend

The way you've always done

Rapunzel: Cassandra, listen (I'm listening)

I know it isn't true (Isn't it?)

Just look into my eyes, (Well)

I know you feel it too (Perhaps I do)

Cassandra, listen (I'm listening)

I swear it's not too late

So before another line gets crossed

And everything we've had is lost

Just wait

Cassandra: No, I won't wait! There's a line between the winners and the losers

There's a line between the chosen and the rest

And I've done the best I could, but I've always known just where we stood

Me here with the luckless, you there with the blessed

And that line between the beggars and the choosers

Is the line you never let me quite ignore

How I tried to jump that great divide, but I've never got the chances you were given

You don't know how much I've been denied, well, I'm not being patient anymore

I'm crossing the line!

And I'm done holding back

So look out, clear the track,

It's my turn!

I'm taking what's mine!

Every drop, every smidge

If I'm burning a bridge,

Let it burn!

But I'm crossing the line!

And for us, if we're over, that's fine!!!

I'm crossing the line!!

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