The Collector is a muscle-for-hire who terrorizes Vardaros in the season 2 episode, The Return of Quaid.


Sometime ago, when Vardaros was in its glory days, the Baron commissioned The Collector to "take over Vardaros" as Captain Quaid puts it. Quaid tried to stop him but met his match when the townspeople refused to aid him in his fight against the colossus or the Baron's other goons.

Physical Appearance

The Collector has a huge and hulking figure. He towers over most of the main cast and even the Baron's minions. His massive figure is also covered in rusted brown metal armor. Every inch of his body is covered. His matching metal mask has 8 holes in it for sight and breathing. The armored suit also comes equipped with rope launchers and bolas to subdue those trying to stop him from collecting.


In The Return of Quaid, the Collector is rehired by Anthony the Weasel to terrorize the city of Vardaros once more. Before he can begin collecting, Rapunzel, Eugene, Cassandra, Maximus, Lance, Hook Foot, and Vex attempt to stop him. He easily subdues Eugene and Cassandra, shooting ropes from his gauntlets. When Hook Foot and Lance try to untie the ropes, he launches bolas to stop them. Rapunzel, Maximus, and Vex are the only ones who seem to land an attack on him; they try tripping him over with Rapunzel's hair, but he uses a gadget to reorient himself. Captain Quaid joins the fight just as the Collector is seemingly about to win. He splashes bee pheromones on the Collector so that the bees go after him, like with what happened when Max was splashed with the pheromones earlier in the episode. The Collector runs away and some of his armor falls off in the process. Anthony the Weasel, with no hired muscle to back him up and the town rallying against him flees Vardaros.  

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