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Clementine is a supporting character who debuts in the third and final season of Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure as a secondary villain. She is a member of the Separatists of Saporia.

She aided Varian and Andrew in their hostile takeover of Corona and its people by using the Wand of Oblivium to give Queen Arianna and King Frederic amnesia.

After Rapunzel and Varian defeated Clementine, Andrew, Juniper and Maisie. She and her team are imprisoned in the castle dungeon in floating bubbles that Kai holds as balloons.

Physical Appearance

She is dwarf-sized, white hair and hunchbacked.



  • She is the second female to hold and utilize the memory-manipulating magic of the Wand of Oblivium; the first is Cassandra, who accidentally unleashed its abilities to give Princess Rapunzel amnesia of the two six months and last two years in "Rapunzel: Day One"
  • Clementine's satchel is similar to the one that Varian wore in Queen for a Day and The Alchemist Returns, also similar to the one that Kiera wore in Big Brothers of Corona and Vigor the Visionary and it is also similar to the one that Cassandra wore in Once a Handmaiden...
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