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Cassandra's Armor is a new moon-based outfit given to her by the supremely strong heavenly/moon-based magics of the mystical Black Rocks themselves when she takes hold of the supreme Moonstone Opal and merges with it. It replaces the discarded armor she first wore in the end of Episode 35.


It is quite thin all jet back with dark blue stripes on the sides. The all-powerful Moonstone Opal, which has become slightly smaller and turned a lighter shade of blue, has embedded itself on her right chest.


Season Two

Season Three


  • How it is worn by Cassandra is somewhat similar to how Proxima Starfall, the extremely lonely, neglected, unwanted and unloved orphaned top-level astromancer from Mysticons, had her black-and-gold armor when she donned the remaining half of the ancient and powerful evil spectral-like mask left behind by Queen Necrafa's destruction

About Cassandra's Armor

  • Her armor's made of the rocks!!"
  • "We don't stand a chance against Cass and that unbreakable armor."