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Calliope is the current Keeper of the Spire. Formerly a street magician, Calliope became the original Keeper's apprentice when he saw her performing on the street and believed her to posses the necessary skills to become the next keeper.


Before she was recruited by the Keeper to be his apprentice, Calliope was a failing street magician, who performed in front of aggressively indifferent crowds. Despite her failures, she continued to practice her craft, persevering through such hard times. One day, the Keeper noticed this young street performer and decided to take her under his wing. He saw the quality of a good Keeper in her: perseverance.


Calliope is rather short compared to other characters in the series. Rapunzel, short as she may be still towers over Calliope. Calliope also has large, even over sized, wire-frame glasses. She wears her ginger hair tied back in a bun. Her beige robes are simple in design and have highlights of dark tan.


In Keeper of the Spire, she pretends to be the Keeper when the real Keeper goes missing.

Many months later, she and her master help Princess Rapunzel and Eugene in stopping Cassandra acquire a certain object from the Spire's depths of mystical lore.


  • In the 1990s show The Little Mermaid, there is an episode "Calliope Dreams"
  • She is one of the characters to say "oh, right". The other characters that say "oh, right" are Rapunzel, Cassandra, Lance, Kiera, Varian, Eugene and King Edmund.