"Bigger Than That" is sung in "Be Very Afraid" by Lance Strongbow after he conquers his fear to help the people of Corona fight against their greatest fears.


When you're scared and stricken

And losing your cool

When you're such a chicken

You feel like a fool,

Don't freeze up;, just ease up!

Take one deep breath

And don't forget this little rule!

When your palms are sweatin',

When panic attacks,

When you're close to wettin' your favorite slacks,

Stop freakin' and shriekin';

Don't look so bleak and just relax, kid,

And if you weaken, when your courage starts to plummet

Step up and overcome it

'Cause you're bigger, you're badder, you're better than that.

You know you're stronger and harder and smarter than that,

So when you're haunted, undaunted, stay calm as a cat

What are you afraid of? You're bigger than that!

If you're still uneasy, still trembling in dread,

You're still so queasy, you'd rather be dead,

Don't sweat it, don't fret it,

'Cause if you let it turn your head, kid,

You can forget it, so if anything dismays you

Don't need to let it faze you,

'Cause you're bigger

You're badder, you're better than that

You know you're bolder!

You're buffer!

You're tougher than that!

And since you're braver, don't waver!

Just hand it its hat

Show it what you're made of. You're bigger than that.

And once you know this, there's nothing to fear

Every neurosis will just disappear!

Because you're bigger, you're badder, you're better than that.

You know you're chiller, and you're flipper, and you're hipper than that,

So face your demon, stop screamin', and pummel it flat!

What were you afraid of?

You're bigger than that!

Trivia == The song serves as Lance's very first solo in series.

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