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Big Nose is described as the most "beautiful" of all the thugs. He is a hopeless romantic, with the tendency to be constantly abused by Hook Hand. His dream is to find love in someone who can see his inner beauty.



He is first seen during "I've Got a Dream", where he expresses his various shortcomings while also hoping to find true love. In the end, he receives his wish after meeting a woman during the epilogue celebration.

Tangled: Before Ever After

Big Nose is seen in Corona Castle during Eugene's verse of "Life After Happily Ever After". He, along with most of the main thugs, appear to have become Eugene's closest companions outside of Rapunzel and Maximus. During the scene, Big Nose is shown enjoying a spa treatment. He is also the only thug to actually speak.

The Series

Big Nose first appears in What the Hair?! after Eugene meets Hook Foot, smelling and holding a bouquet of flowers. Eugene asks him if the flowers he was holding were for Assunta, to which he started reciting a poem of his. Causing the pub thugs to groan glare at Eugene as Big Nose reads his poem ("Can you keep a secret? I love you.") . Later, after Eugene leaves The Snuggly Duckling, Shorty wakes up from his nap and asks Big Nose about how is what going with "that lady you have." causing him to reread his poem and the pub groans again.


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