"Beyond the Corona Walls" is the first episode in the Season 2 of Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure and the twenty-second overall. It first aired June 24, 2018 to 0.67 million viewers.[1]

This is the fourth special of the series, as it is a one-hour episode.


Finally outside the kingdom's walls, Rapunzel begins her long journey following the path of the Black Rocks.[2]


Twenty-five years ago, Quirin and a warrior named Adira once served the king, Edmund, of a kingdom that was consumed by the Black Rocks. The king had tried to destroy the Opal, which he believed to be the cause of the rocks, to no avail. After many failed attempts, King Edmund advised Quirin and Adira to leave the castle and keep anyone from ever finding the opal.

In the present, after frustrating Varian's attempt at vengeance, Rapunzel goes out on the road with her friends. It has been a week since she left Corona, and she is excited to be on her first trip beyond the kingdom walls, celebrating their journey with the song "Next Stop, Anywhere." Accompanying her on her journey are Eugene FitzherbertCassandraPascalMaximusFidellaOwlLance Strongbow, and Hook Foot. Together they ride through the country in a large colorful caravan, following the trail of the Black Rocks.

About a week after they have set out, Eugene is in the caravan, speaking with Lance and Hook-Foot, planning to propose to Rapunzel again when they reach Vardaros. He is confident that he will succeed this time, but Lance and Hook-Foot are not so sure that Rapunzel was ready to settle down, especially since she is now out free in the world for the first time in her life. Lance and Hook Foot go looking for a picnic spot while Eugene remains in the caravan rehearsing his proposal. Listening in against the door, Rapunzel accidentally catches him on his knees presenting an engagement ring; Eugene tries to convince Rapunzel that he was not asking her to marry him. Just then, they hear a strange scream; Cassandra has found Shorty stowed away in the food trunk, where he fell asleep after having eaten all their supplies.

The group finally arrives at Vardaros, which appears to have become, much to Eugene and Lance's shock, a sketchy rundown city crawling with shady people. Everyone decides to keep a low profile while in town: Rapunzel and Cassandra take the caravan back to the campsite while Eugene, Lance, Hook Foot, and Shorty collect the supplies. Soon, however, people in the shadows take notice and recognize Eugene, and news of his arrival quickly spreads throughout the city, reaching a castle which is home to the notorious kingpin known as "The Baron." Anthony the Weasel, one of his retainers, is keen to dispose of "Rider," but The Baron wishes to settle things with Eugene personally. In town, Eugene, Lance, Hook Foot, and Shorty are on their way back to the camp with the supplies, when a girl calls to them that Rapunzel is in trouble. They follow her, and become surrounded by The Baron's men. They are greeted by the Weasel, who paid the girl, known as Vex, to lure them into their trap.

Meanwhile back at the campsite outside the city, Rapunzel and Cassandra are met by Adira, who wishes to have a private chat with Rapunzel. Cassandra does not trust her and stands in her way. Despite not wanting to fight, Adira reluctantly engaged the two girls in a duel. She easily and amusedly fights them off and disarms them. The fighting does not stop until Adira discovers the nature of Rapunzel's hair when she fails to cut it off her wrist with her Black Rock-bladed sword. Just then, Hook Foot shows up and Adira leaves, promising to seek them out later. He explains that he has just escaped from the Weasel's men and tells Rapunzel that Eugene has been captured along with Lance and Shorty.

At the Baron's castle, Eugene, Lance and Shorty are brought before the Baron and his daughter, Stalyan, who was also Eugene's ex-fiancée. Long before Eugene met Rapunzel, he was engaged to Stalyan — until he stood her up at the altar. Afterwards, Stalyan swore that if she ever saw him again she would break every bone in his body, but after a while she got over it and decided that they were still meant for each other. The Baron offers Eugene a proposition: keep good on the promise he made to his daughter and marry her or suffer painful consequences along with Lance and Shorty. To get his point across, the Baron allows a venomous spider to bite Lance; unless Eugene marries Stalyan, Lance will die from the spider's venom within hours unless he is given the antidote in time.

Rapunzel, Cassandra, and Hook Foot arrive back in town looking for Eugene. They hear The Baron announcing Stalyan's upcoming wedding to the citizens of Vardaros. Waiting backstage, Eugene attempts to convince Stalyan not to go through with this plot; he confesses he is already in love with someone else. Surprisingly, Stalyan is already well aware of Eugene's love for Rapunzel, how he rescued the lost princess from her tower, but induces Eugene to doubt his relationship with Rapunzel, questioning whether it would be right for her to give up her newfound freedom for a life with a common thief. Shortly after, Stalyan goes on stage to make her appearance and soon after the Baron introduces Eugene as her fiancé, shocking Rapunzel, Cassandra, Pascal and Hook Foot. Rapunzel approaches the stage, demanding an explanation; Eugene tries to explain, but Stalyan interrupts him, insisting he has joined them. Rapunzel refuses to believe Stalyan's claims, but Eugene, seeing Lance growing weaker, is unable to reveal the truth to her. He simply apologizes, stating he has made his choice, and departs alongside Stalyan, leaving Rapunzel heartbroken.

Back at the camp, Rapunzel is still heartbroken by what Eugene has done, unaware that he was being forced into marrying Stalyan. She recalls the first time he asked her to marry him and wishes she could take back what she said before. Cassandra feels sorry for Rapunzel. Despite being disagreeable towards each other, she has known Eugene long enough to know that he would never do something like this to Rapunzel. Helping her regain her spirit, Cassandra encourages Rapunzel to rescue Eugene. Eugene, too, wishes he could change the past, and both contemplate their lost opportunities in the song, "If I Could Take That Moment Back."

With some help from Vex, Rapunzel and her friends sneak into the wedding just as the ceremony is about to begin. They find Eugene waiting at the altar as Stalyan walks down the aisle with her father. The Baron begins to officiate the wedding, but is interrupted when Rapunzel revealing herself and declaring her love to Eugene. Rapunzel touches the Black Rocks, intending to releasing their power, but to her surprise nothing happens. A fight soon ensures between the Baron's henchmen and Rapunzel's friends, including Adira who later joins in. Stalyan attempts to escape with a captive Eugene, but Rapunzel prevents her. Soon both Rapunzel and Eugen begin fighting over Eugene. Pascal creates a distraction by startling Stalyan, setting Eugene free from her grasp. The Baron engages in battle with Eugene, and successfully pins the latter down. As he prepares to unleash his spider, Shorty's clumsiness causes the spider to bite the Baron instead. The Baron desperately searches for the antidote, but it has already been stolen by Pascal and used to cure Lance. The Baron tries to strike Eugene down in vengeance, but is thwarted by Rapunzel. The Baron and his henchman are forced to flee, Stalyan carrying her injured father, but not before Stalyan informs Eugene she will someday settle things between them once and for all, leaving a happily reunited Eugene and Rapunzel behind.

The next day, Rapunzel learns from Adira that the rocks no longer react when she touches them because they have found the Sun Drop and are now guiding her to her destiny which lies within the Dark Kingdom. Adira shows the princess the remaining part of the ancient scroll and leaves as Rapunzel and her friends get back on their journey, determining to make the most of whatever may happen in the with a reprise of "Next Stop, Anywhere" and Adira looks on and smiles.




  • The series is now titled Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure.
  • In this episode it is revealed that Rapunzel no longer has the ability to control the Black Rocks, which show no reaction when she touches them.
  • It is the first time Princess Rapunzel meets Adira, who has her speaking debut here.
  • The way Eugene said, "Oh, I see," at the beginning of this episode would be similar to how Varian would say, "Oh, I see," at the beginning of "Rapunzel's Return."
  • Stalyan references the events of Tangled when Rapunzel was confined inside her tower for eighteen years.
  • The way Shorty popped out of the cake at the near end of the episode is similar to the way he would pop out of the the birthday cake at the near beginning of "Cassandra's Revenge" before Cassandra crashed Eugene's birthday.
  • The way Rapunzel taps a black rock at the end of this episode is similar to the way Varian tapped a black rock in "Secret of the Sun Drop."
  • Starting from this episode, Princess Rapunzel and Eugene receive new signature outfits.
    • Also, Eugene wears gloves for the first time although he is wearing the shirt that he wore for his original outfit.
  • Clips from previous episodes are played during the beginning of the episode: "Tangled: Before Ever After," "Big Brothers of Corona," "The Alchemist Returns," and "Secret of the Sun Drop."
  • The way Adira notices that Rapunzel's hair can't be cut by her black rock sword in this episode is similar to the way Varian noticed Rapunzel's hair couldn't be cut by the amber in "Secret of the Sun Drop."
  • Eugene starts out with the same ring and box from "Tangled: Before Ever After," but at the beginning of "Cassandra's Revenge" and at the end of "Plus Est En Vous," he has a different ring.



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