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Axel pretending to not have a home


Axel being welcomed into the Royal Guard


Axel and Max about to eat their food

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Axel getting ready for the test

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Max doesn't think Axel will pass


Axel reaches up higher than Max did


No one knows what Maximus is trying to do


Getting ready to race

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Axel and Max racing

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Tangled s01e14

Axel and Max try to get more flowers than each other to impress Fidella

Max's Enemy 21
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Axel and Fidella get married in Max's nightmare

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Max's Enemy 24

Axel betrays Maximus


Axel excuses the guards to take a break, claiming that he will take over guarding the prison

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Pascal finds a wanted poster Max had showing Dwayne riding Axel

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Axel pulling a carriage (you can't see the carriage)

Max's Enemy 25

Axel accidentally slides down a cliff...

Max's Enemy 18

...and into the mud

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Axel and the Stabbington Brothers on "Peril on the High Seas."

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Max tells Axel the apples cost money.

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