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Attila is one of the Pub Thugs. He appears to be trans as he is first mentioned as a "she" then later on, only refered to as "he" which as it may just be some faulty lines, may also be a sign that he/she is trans. Along with the rest of the main thugs, he first appears in Tangled, and later becomes a recurring character in Tangled: The Series.


Physical Appearance

He has never yet been seen unmasked by his horned helmet. It can be said, judging by his brawny arms and hulking appearance under his heavy fur and leather clothes, he seems quite buff. 


In "What the Hair?!," Attila is seen tending bar when Eugene visits the Snuggly Duckling to confide in the thugs. When Big Nose arrives shortly afterward, Attila sarcastically calls him "lover boy" and groans at the idea of hearing more of his gushing about his lady-friend Assunta.

In the short "Prison Bake," Attila recalls a time before he met Rapunzel, in which his fellow pub thugs were arrested and sent to the dungeon. Depressed, Attila ponders on what to do, until eventually deciding that he'll save them using his best talent: baking. After creating an arsenal of baked goods, Attila bypasses the castle guards and infiltrates the dungeon. Before he can rescue his friends, however, he is confronted by his rival, Ludwig, the local baker. The two adversaries battle, but Attila ultimately wins the fight. He then uses his latest baked creation — the "coo-key" — to free the other thugs.

In "Under Raps," Attila briefly appears during the opening, sobbing into a handkerchief into after response to hearing Big Nose's love story.

Attila opens his own bakery in "One Angry Princess" and is then later accused of destroying Monty's sweet shop. He is almost exiled from the kingdom, only for Rapunzel to prove his innocence.

In "Big Brothers of Corona," Big Nose notes that business has slowed at the Snuggly Duckling since Attila partnered with Monty. By the end of the episode, however, Lance has become the pub's new chef.


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