"A Tale of Two Sisters" is the sixteenth episode in Season 3 of Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure and the fifty-seventh overall. It first aired on February 9, 2020 to 0.41 million viewers.[1]


Rapunzel and Cassandra investigate mysterious stories of Gothel's ghost haunting Cass's childhood home.[2]


Zhan Tiri pays a visit to the Demanitus Chamber and reveals her plan to her old enemy that when the solar eclipse comes, she'll draw the power of the Sun Drop and Moonstone to herself. Also, to make sure that Rapunzel and Cassandra never rekindled their bond, she has a plan in motion.

Later, Rapunzel hears from a little boy that Gothel's ghost was haunting Cass's childhood home and goes to investigate it. To her surprise and confusion, the ghost turned out to be a fake. But as she wonders why someone wanted people to think Gothel's ghost is there, Cassandra arrives and starts a fight with her. But during the fight, a black rock tilts the house over and opens a secret passageway, which Rapunzel and Cassandra fell into. They soon find themselves trapped in an underground mine.

Cassandra attempts to break out with black rocks, but it only released poisonous gas from underground. Rapunzel suggests that they should work together to escape. Cassandra refuses at first, but after seeing how bad the situation is, she gave in.

While looking for a way back to the surface, the girls find a room full of mirrors and papers similar to the Demanitus scroll. When they touch the mirrors, it projects Gothel talking to herself about her day and her beauty. When one of the mirrors shows Gothel telling little Cassandra to sweep quieter in a mean way, Cass begins to question if her own mother really loved her. However, one of the mirrors was missing and, unbeknownst to them, Zhan Tiri slips it into Rapunzel's handbag.

When Rapunzel tries to reach out to Cassandra again, a spilt chemical catches fire and traps them again. Rapunzel soon gets an idea to follow the bats to the exit and using a mine cart to speed past a giant mole. But just when the girls start to bond again, Cassandra finds a hand mirror in Rapunzel's bag and it shows Mother Gothel giving little Cassandra a music box so that she "can think of her dear, sweet mother and the love [she] has for [her]." Thinking that Rapunzel knew about it and was trying to hide it from her, Cassandra gets angry and leaves her to die in a cave filling with poisonous gas.

Fortunately, Pascal gets a giant mole to break though a wall to get Rapunzel the fresh air she needs to live. When Rapunzel revives, she makes a promise to never give up on Cass. Meanwhile, Cassandra returns to her tower and tells Zhan Tiri that she was right about Rapunzel. Zhan Tiri fakes her sympathy for Cassandra and secretly throws away a piece of the hand mirror, which reveals that the true reason Gothel brought a music box was to keep her four-year-old daughter, whom she viewed only as a lousy pest, out of her hair.






Objects of Immense Power




  • This title is a pun on the Charles Dickens novel A Tale of Two Cities.
  • Gothel doesn't appear spiritually, but instead as a wax statue and through magic mirrors.
  • Zhan Tiri's ultimate intention is revealed: Draw the great powers of the reborn Sundrop Flower and Moonstone into herself during the eclipse, thus attaining the greatest power of the Heavens itself.
  • The destroyed Demanitus Device, a table that Cassandra sliced in half, the translation key that Varian destroyed,
  • When Rapunzel said "Minecarts, who knew?" in episode foreshadows Cassandra says "Frying pans, who knew?" after she knocks Zhan Tiri unconscious in Plus Est En Vous.
  • Gothel is revealed to have had a diary in the form of magic mirrors, depicting her many narcissistic moments and un-motherly attitude towards her young daughter.
  • The way Rapunzel and Cassandra have a truce in this episode is similar to the way Maximus and Eugene had a truce in Tangled.
  • The way Cassandra hides inside the bush in this episode is similar to the way Rapunzel, Eugene, Pascal, Kiera, Catalina and Lance hid behind a bush in The King and Queen of Hearts and it also is similar to the way Varian hid behind a bush in The Alchemist Returns. It is going to be similar to the way Cassandra hides behind a bush after being chased by Attila, Vladimir, Ulf and Shorty at the begining of Once a Handmaiden... when they see her about to enter Corona.
  • Rapunzel mentions "the Sun Incantation"; presumably the unusable healing incantation.
  • The way Cassandra momentarily hesitating, and not coming back for her, with Rapunzel only surviving due to being rescued by Pascal in this episode is similar to the way Varian regretted momentarily about trusting Rapunzel again in The Alchemist Returns.
    • It is similar to the way Stalyan momentarily left Rapunzel alone in The Eye of Pincosta to fight The Malice Marauder but the former came back to help the latter their opponent.
  • The way Rapunzel tells Cassandra "nice move" in this episode is similar to the way Eugene told Varian "nice snag" in Cassandra's Revenge and it is similar to the way Rapunzel told Pascal "nice snag" in Be Very Afraid and it is also similar to the way Kiera told Rapunzel "nice shot" in Day of the Animals.
  • The timing cylinder that powers up the automatons in The Alchemist Returns and Secret of the Sun Drop appears inside Rapunzel's shoulder bag.
    • This is the first episode that Cassandra called Rapunzel "Raps" after the former's betrayal although Cassandra has called Rapunzel "Raps" in What the Hair?!, Challenge of the Brave, Fitzherbert P.I, Under Raps, Big Brothers of Corona, Queen for a Day, The Quest for Varian, Secret of the Sun Drop, Beyond the Corona Walls, Goodbye and Goodwill, Forest of No Return, Freebird, King Pascal, Max and Eugene in Peril on the High Seas, Rapunzel: Day One and Mirror, Mirror before the former's betrayal.
  • The way Rapunzel is cornered to the wall in this episode is similar to the way Varian was cornered to the wall by Cassandra in Cassandra's Revenge.
  • Although before Cassandra's betrayal, Cassandra has called Rapunzel by name in What the Hair?!, Cassandra v. Eugene, Under Raps, Painter's Block, Beyond the Corona Walls, Goodbye and Goodwill, Keeper of the Spire, Rapunzel: Day One, Mirror, Mirror, Rapunzeltopia, Rapunzel and the Great Tree also and her title Princess in the same episode and also Destinies Collide.
    • Cassandra will also call Rapunzel "Raps" in Once a Handmaiden... when the former is disguised as Faith. Cassandra will also call Rapunzel "Raps" when the former sees the latter using the healing incantation to heal Eugene, Varian, Ruddiger, Quirin, Kiera, Catalina, Lance, Maximus, Feldspar, Pete, Stan, Old Lady Crowley, Xavier, Monty, Ulf, Attila, Big Nose, Shorty, Vladimir, Milton the Goat, King Frederic, Queen Arianna, King Edmund, Hamuel, Adira, Hector and his pets after Zhan Tiri recited the Decay Incantation in Plus Est En Vous.
  • Eugene, Lance, Varian, Angry, Red and Maximus did not appear in this episode.
  • Rapunzel makes a reference to her past encounters with Ruthless Ruth and the Dark Kings in "The Wrath of Ruthless Ruth" and "Destinies Collide".
    • Rapunzel also made a reference to The Forest of No Return and There's Something About Hook Foot.
  • Cassandra made a reference to "Goodbye and Goodwill".


  • Zhan Tiri: "Hello again, Old Friend. My dear Demanitus, I wanted you to know: You lost. When the eclipse comes, I shall draw the powers of the Sundrop and Moonstone to myself. And as for their human hosts, to ensure that their once inseparable bond doesn't interfere, I have a set a plan into motion that will cement their rift."


  • Cassandra: "You said these bats can't see, right? So make your hair do the bright thing!!"
  • Princess Rapunzel: "We should get out of here before their eyes adjust."
  • Cassandra: "I think they already have. In there!!"
  • Princess Rapunzel: "And that is going in the journal. Three pages. Easy!"


  • Cassandra: "What is this stuff?"
  • Princess Rapunzel: "Look at this! The Sundrop! The sun incantation. Gothel was alive a long time. Whoa. I knew she was vain, but...It looks like one's missing."
  • Gothel (in mirror diary): "Good morning, Beautiful."
  • Cassandra & Princess Rapunzel (in surprise): "Mother?"
  • Gothel (in mirror diary): 'Well, don't you look lovely today? Smoky eyes definitely work for you."
  • Princess Rapunzel: "And she's talking to herself."


  • Princess Rapunzel: "Well, that's typical Gothel right there."
  • Cassandra: "What do you mean?"
  • Princess Rapunzel: "She wasn't exactly the nurturing type. When she was around, that is."
  • Cassandra: "Funny, she was never around for me. (Sarcastic) I wonder why."
  • Princess Rapunzel: "It's not liked I asked to be taken from my parents by a madwoman. And all Gothel ever wanted from me was my hair. She didn't love me. She didn't love either of us."


  • Princess Rapunzel: "Cass, the only good thing Gothel ever did was bring us together."
  • Cassandra: "Only good thing!? You really think this is a good thing!?"
  • Princess Rapunzel: "It was."
  • Cassandra: "You for, maybe."
  • Princess Rapunzel: "Cassandra, do you really think that woman cared about anyone but herself?"
  • Gothel (in mirror diary): "Cassandra, what are you doing in here? I thought I told you to make us dinner."
  • Princess Rapunzel: "You and I have something in common that no one else could ever understand."


  • Cassandra: "The missing mirror! You took it?"
  • Princess Rapunzel: "What!? No! I have no idea how that got in my bag!"
  • Gothel (mirror diary): "Here. Let me show you, Sweetheart. Turn the key like this. So whenever you hear this tune, you'll think of your dear, sweet mother and the love I have for you."
  • Young Cassandra: "I love you, Mama."
  • Princess Rapunzel: "Cass. I have never seen that."
  • Cassandra: "Really!? The one mirror showing that Mother- my mother- had a shred of affection for me and it just happens to wind up in your bag!! (Coldly) Out of my way."
  • Princess Rapunzel: "Cass."
  • Cassandra: "Goodbye, Rapunzel."
  • Princess Rapunzel: "What!!? No!! CASS!!!"


  • Cassandra: "You were right. Rapunzel did know that Gothel loved me."
  • Zhan Tiri (sarcastic): "You poor thing. But now you know, and that knowledge will only make you stronger."


  • Gothel: "Turn the key like this. So whenever you hear this tune, you'll think of your dear, sweet mother and the love I have for you."
  • Young Cassandra: "I love you, Mama."
  • Gothel (to herself): "Hopefully that'll keep her out of my hair for awhile. Lousy little pest."


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